Upgrading to LED Daytime Running & Sidelights

Recently, I upgraded the daytime running lights and the sidelights in my van to LED aftermarket replacements. I have a VW T5.1 and the stock bulbs not only give quite poor illumination but they are also an 'orange-yellow' filament old-fashioned light. The new bulbs give a nice modern white light.

I bought the bulbs from travelinlite-transporters.co.uk and the fitting is dead easy - it is basically just a bulb swap out like any other. Access is quite easy although it is slightly tight on the drivers side because the air box gets in the way particularly if you have fat hands like me.

The new LED bulbs from travelinlite-transporters

The old DRL bulb next to the new LED bulb

Green arrow showing the rubber weather cap for the DRL unit, the sidelight by my hand

To fit the new bulbs you need to remove the rubber weather caps for each headlight unit and then the bulb fittings for the DRLs just rotate 90 degrees to pop them out. You can then disconnect the old bulbs and swap in the new ones.

For the sidelights you just need to gently pull and ease the current holder out of the headlight unit and like the others, just swap the bulbs. If any of the new LED bulbs do not illuminate when you turn on the lights, just pull them out and refit flipped 180 degrees to swap the polarity - you have a 50/50 chance of getting them the right way round first time!

I'm really happy with the look of these new LEDs and it really freshens up the look of the front end! I can highly recommend these lights and the prompt service from travelinlite-transporters.

The full installation video can be found here:


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